Tuesday, June 8, 2010

London - Playing (February 2009)

I love playing with ordinary objects. The possibilities are endless!

London - Checking out the rice (28 February 2009)

I love eating rice - it's so soft and satisfying and it can be flavoured with pretty much anything. I find it amazing that it actually is made of these tiny hard bits!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Philippines - Golf, anyone? (December 2008)

I found this golf club in a restaurant, and had lots of fun playing with it!

Philippines - First Christmas tree (December 2008)

Face to face with my first Christmas tree.

Philippines - Helping with the chores (2nd half of 2008)

I like helping sweep the floor, even though the broom is almost my height!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Philippines - In the garden (2nd half of 2008)

I love exploring Lolo and Lola's garden. There are lots of insects and mosquitoes though, especially in the evening, so I have to wear Off!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Philippines - First basketball (July 08)

They say basketball is the Philippines' most popular sport, so here I am with my first ball - never too early to start!

Manila, Phils - Birthday boy (July 08)

Me and my cousin's birthdays are quite close to each other, so we had a joint bday party. I had loads of fun - I received really cool presents (and plenty of cuddles) and had my first taste of chocolate cake!

Shanghai, China - Little tourist (4 Jul 08)

I love having my photo taken! Especially after a good nap... This was taken in Shanghai's financial district.

China - Littlest motorbiker (3 Jul 08)

Look at me go! Who needs helmets anyway? (Shh... don't tell mama's parents!)
I spent around 5 weeks in China with papa's side of the family. Mama said she missed me so much that she looked at my album almost every day!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sussex coast - Imitating Papa (3 May 08)

How's my version of Papa falling asleep?

Sussex coast - First starfish (3 May 08)

I saw a starfish today. I wonder why they made such a fuss - it was so much smaller than me, and I'm the smallest person in the family!

Sussex coast - First beach (3 May 08)

The beach is so cool... I've never seen anything like it!

London - First snow (6 Apr 08)

It's so fun being out in the snow - I didn't feel cold at all!

London - All wrapped up! (24 Mar 08)

Today was quite chilly, so they bundled me up snugly!

London - First shoes (16 Mar 08)

We bought my first ever proper shoes today. I even got my picture taken at the shop!