Sunday, November 11, 2007

London - My new highchair (10 Nov 07)

They bought me a new highchair, coz I always insist on sitting with them during mealtimes. But I think I'm still a bit too small for it... what do you think?

London - My new ball (10 Nov 07)

I love playing with my new ball, especially coz it's bigger than my head! I'm learning how to chase after it with the help of my walker.

London - Before and after (6 Nov 07)

Look at me ready to dance! I love jumping and dancing, but when I get tired I get grumpy...

London - Little athlete (6 Nov 07)

I'm letting you into a top secret of mine - my exercise routine! I do mini push-ups at least once a day. I'm quite dedicated, but I get distracted by my yummy fists...

London - Yummy fist (6 Nov 07)

As I said before, I constantly suck my fist, coz it's the tastiest thing in the world! So far they've failed to convince me to use a pacifier / soother, hehe...

London - Checking out the view (4 Nov 07)

We went for a walk exploring the neighbourhood, and we discovered this really huge man-made lake! It was really peaceful over there, and there were loads of swans who looked really fierce! It was so interesting that I forgot about my milk for a while...

London - In a pensive mood (4 Nov 07)

When I'm not busy looking around, I like to contemplate... I'm a little philosopher!

London - Sound asleep (3 Nov 07)

I've been papped again... sigh, Mama's really hopeless!

London - Help! (2 Nov 07)

Help! Help! Mama wants to eat me!!! She thinks I'm yummy - silly Mama. But don't worry, she doesn't really want to eat me, hehe.

London - Sweet dreams (30 Oct 07)

I tend to smile when I'm asleep. Mama likes it so much that she always has the camera ready to capture the moment! (I suppose by now you've guessed who the paparazzi is...)

London - All wrapped up (again) (30 Oct 07)

I constantly suck my fist (coz it's the tastiest thing in the world!) but on cold days I'm wise enough to keep my hands inside the blanket I'm usually wrapped in.

They've been trying to convince me to use a pacifier (they call it a soother over here), but to no avail, hehehe...

London - Papped! (28 Oct 07)

Those celebrities think they have it bad... Well, they wouldn't want to change lives with me, coz I literally live with the paparazzi! Here I got startled by the sound of the camera...

London - Winter's here! (end Oct 07)

Brrrrr!!! It's starting to get really chilly, especially for a summer baby like me. Check out my winter outfits!

(As you can see, I'm Daddy's number 1.)