Saturday, September 29, 2007

Greenwich, London - Under the river Thames (29 Sep 07)

This tunnel's both creepy and cool. It's creepy coz it's quite cold and dimly lighted. But it's cool coz you get to walk under the river Thames!

Greenwich, London - Bench stop (29 Sep 07)

Whew! We finally stopped after a couple of hours of walking. I was so glad Papa took off the sling - it was getting uncomfy.

Greenwich, London - At the Prime Meridian (29 Sep 07)

We went to Greenwich today. Our first stop was the old Royal Observatory, where we had a look at this strange thing called the Prime Meridian. There were loads of people taking photos there. I personally don't understand what all the fuss was about - it's just a boring old imaginary line...

We also went inside this huge camera obscura - it was like watching a movie - so cool!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

London - Mama and me (22 Sep 07)

Guess where I got my chubby cheeks from!

London - Look at me walking! (22 Sep 07)

Hey, it won't be long till I start walking! Heehee, wishful thinking!

London - TV time! (22 Sep 07)

We can finally watch TV, after almost 3 weeks! We had to wait for the antenna on the roof to be fixed.

London - After my second jab (18 Sep 07)

I'm exactly 10 weeks old today!

I had two jabs this afternoon - one in each thigh. It was so painful that I cried after each one! My first jab (at the hospital after I was born) was a breeze. I didn't cry at all during that first one...

London - Splashing around (mid Sep 07)

I love being bathed! At the hospital the day after I was born, I volunteered for the baby bath demo, and I didn't cry at all! That was my first ever bath...

Friday, September 21, 2007

London - Standing tall (mid Sep 07)

Mama's always taking pictures of me. I think it's because she doesn't spend so much time with me, now that she's studying again. I wish Mama doesn't have to go to school - I miss her a lot during the day!

London - Thanks, Auntie Bianca! (early Sep 07)

I love my new pair of booties! Auntie Bianca knitted them for me.

Central London - Bouncing around (9 Sep 07)

This was my first trip to central London. The sling was a bit uncomfortable. Luckily I was asleep most of the time!

London - Getting even chubbier! (1 Sep 07)

Check out my chubby cheeks!

Cambridge - Who's that baby? (end Aug 07)

I love it when mama puts me on her shoulder... I get to see more things!

Cambridge - Burp! (mid Aug 07)

Mama finally knows how to burp me... I feel much better now!

Cambridge - Story time! (Aug 07)

The big bad wolf sounded really scary...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cambridge - With Lolo and Lola! (12 Aug 07)

Lola and Lola arrived at midnight today. They gave me loads of things to wear!