Monday, December 24, 2007

London - In my new Bumbo chair (16 Dec 07)

This chair is supposed to help me sit up properly, but I prefer my walker so much more!

London - Attempting to sit up (15 Dec 07)

I'm getting better at sitting up, but I'm still a bit unsteady.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

London - Lean, mean, biting machine (well, not exactly lean...) (15 Dec 07)

These days, I bite everything I get my hands on... I just can't help it!

I'm now approaching 20 pounds... That's in the 91st centile, but I'm not fat - Mama thinks it must be either my bones (I've got quite chunky legs) or my head (I looked like ET when I was born)!

Mama's gonna have mock exams this week. Good luck, Mama!

London - Fruit freak in the making (5 Dec 07)

I simply loooove honeydew! It's so juicy and has just the texture and coolness to soothe my gums!

London - Little policeman (1 Dec 07)

Do you like my new bib? It's waterproof coz I dribble a lot. Don't I look like a little policeman? Too bad I don't have a hat to go with it...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

London - DIY feeding (1 Dec 07)

I can drink milk by myself now... well, almost! Control's not my forte yet, and I get distracted by the camera!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

London - My new highchair (10 Nov 07)

They bought me a new highchair, coz I always insist on sitting with them during mealtimes. But I think I'm still a bit too small for it... what do you think?

London - My new ball (10 Nov 07)

I love playing with my new ball, especially coz it's bigger than my head! I'm learning how to chase after it with the help of my walker.

London - Before and after (6 Nov 07)

Look at me ready to dance! I love jumping and dancing, but when I get tired I get grumpy...

London - Little athlete (6 Nov 07)

I'm letting you into a top secret of mine - my exercise routine! I do mini push-ups at least once a day. I'm quite dedicated, but I get distracted by my yummy fists...

London - Yummy fist (6 Nov 07)

As I said before, I constantly suck my fist, coz it's the tastiest thing in the world! So far they've failed to convince me to use a pacifier / soother, hehe...

London - Checking out the view (4 Nov 07)

We went for a walk exploring the neighbourhood, and we discovered this really huge man-made lake! It was really peaceful over there, and there were loads of swans who looked really fierce! It was so interesting that I forgot about my milk for a while...

London - In a pensive mood (4 Nov 07)

When I'm not busy looking around, I like to contemplate... I'm a little philosopher!

London - Sound asleep (3 Nov 07)

I've been papped again... sigh, Mama's really hopeless!

London - Help! (2 Nov 07)

Help! Help! Mama wants to eat me!!! She thinks I'm yummy - silly Mama. But don't worry, she doesn't really want to eat me, hehe.

London - Sweet dreams (30 Oct 07)

I tend to smile when I'm asleep. Mama likes it so much that she always has the camera ready to capture the moment! (I suppose by now you've guessed who the paparazzi is...)

London - All wrapped up (again) (30 Oct 07)

I constantly suck my fist (coz it's the tastiest thing in the world!) but on cold days I'm wise enough to keep my hands inside the blanket I'm usually wrapped in.

They've been trying to convince me to use a pacifier (they call it a soother over here), but to no avail, hehehe...

London - Papped! (28 Oct 07)

Those celebrities think they have it bad... Well, they wouldn't want to change lives with me, coz I literally live with the paparazzi! Here I got startled by the sound of the camera...

London - Winter's here! (end Oct 07)

Brrrrr!!! It's starting to get really chilly, especially for a summer baby like me. Check out my winter outfits!

(As you can see, I'm Daddy's number 1.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

London - Dressing up (20 Oct 07)

Dressing up is fun! Here I'm wearing my new Gap clothes that Papa's colleagues gave to me.

London - Hungry baby (20 Oct 07)

Waaahhh... I don't like being alone in my pushchair, especially when I'm hungry!!!

I met Auntie Hala and Auntie Soo today. I didn't behave very well - I cried so much that Auntie Hala had to take me for a walk while Mama had her lunch!

It wasn't my fault though - it was a bad idea to go to Central London on a Saturday in the first place!

London - Scared (20 Oct 2007)

We went to London again, but this time we brought my pushchair. I'm scared of the London tube - it's so dark and smelly and the trains make such a big noise!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

London - Playtime! (6 Oct 07)

I love weekends coz Papa and Mama are around to play with me!

London - Sitting up! (6 Oct 07)

I can sit up just like Papa! (I prefer to be carried though...)

London - I can feed myself! (6 Oct 06)

It's so easy to take care of me...

Cambridge - King's College (30 Sep 07)

We went back to Cambridge today to buy second-hand clothes for me. We stopped by the city centre and took this photo at King's College. It's so beautiful there... I hope we'll visit again soon!

Cambridge - My new hat! (30 Sep 07)

Guess what size this hat is... I'm almost 3 months old by the way.

3-6 months? Nope, we tried that one, but it didn't fit!

12-24 months? You're absolutely right... I hope my head's not too big!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Greenwich, London - Under the river Thames (29 Sep 07)

This tunnel's both creepy and cool. It's creepy coz it's quite cold and dimly lighted. But it's cool coz you get to walk under the river Thames!

Greenwich, London - Bench stop (29 Sep 07)

Whew! We finally stopped after a couple of hours of walking. I was so glad Papa took off the sling - it was getting uncomfy.

Greenwich, London - At the Prime Meridian (29 Sep 07)

We went to Greenwich today. Our first stop was the old Royal Observatory, where we had a look at this strange thing called the Prime Meridian. There were loads of people taking photos there. I personally don't understand what all the fuss was about - it's just a boring old imaginary line...

We also went inside this huge camera obscura - it was like watching a movie - so cool!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

London - Mama and me (22 Sep 07)

Guess where I got my chubby cheeks from!

London - Look at me walking! (22 Sep 07)

Hey, it won't be long till I start walking! Heehee, wishful thinking!

London - TV time! (22 Sep 07)

We can finally watch TV, after almost 3 weeks! We had to wait for the antenna on the roof to be fixed.

London - After my second jab (18 Sep 07)

I'm exactly 10 weeks old today!

I had two jabs this afternoon - one in each thigh. It was so painful that I cried after each one! My first jab (at the hospital after I was born) was a breeze. I didn't cry at all during that first one...

London - Splashing around (mid Sep 07)

I love being bathed! At the hospital the day after I was born, I volunteered for the baby bath demo, and I didn't cry at all! That was my first ever bath...

Friday, September 21, 2007

London - Standing tall (mid Sep 07)

Mama's always taking pictures of me. I think it's because she doesn't spend so much time with me, now that she's studying again. I wish Mama doesn't have to go to school - I miss her a lot during the day!

London - Thanks, Auntie Bianca! (early Sep 07)

I love my new pair of booties! Auntie Bianca knitted them for me.

Central London - Bouncing around (9 Sep 07)

This was my first trip to central London. The sling was a bit uncomfortable. Luckily I was asleep most of the time!