Tuesday, January 29, 2008

London - The littlest student (26 Jan 08)

These are Mama's study materials from last year. I don't know why I'm so fascinated by them. Maybe it's coz Mama spent so much time studying when I was in her tummy.

London - Little gymnast (13 Jan 08)

I love jumping, being thrown in the air, and hanging upside down!

London - Wearing Mama's hat (12 Jan 08)

We couldn't find my hat so we improvised using Mama's hat. How do I look?

London - Bath time! (10 Jan 08)

I simply looove bath time! You might say I'm a water baby.

London - Learner crawler (8 Jan 08)

In the UK they call people who are learning to drive 'learner drivers'. I'm a learner crawler!

London - My new sweater (8 Jan 08)

Grandma knit me this new sweater! It's still a bit big for me. How do I look?

London - Something new to play with (23 Dec 07)

Guess what I like doing while Mama irons the clothes!