Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sussex coast - Imitating Papa (3 May 08)

How's my version of Papa falling asleep?

Sussex coast - First starfish (3 May 08)

I saw a starfish today. I wonder why they made such a fuss - it was so much smaller than me, and I'm the smallest person in the family!

Sussex coast - First beach (3 May 08)

The beach is so cool... I've never seen anything like it!

London - First snow (6 Apr 08)

It's so fun being out in the snow - I didn't feel cold at all!

London - All wrapped up! (24 Mar 08)

Today was quite chilly, so they bundled me up snugly!

London - First shoes (16 Mar 08)

We bought my first ever proper shoes today. I even got my picture taken at the shop!

London - First strawberry (24 Feb 08)

Eating a giant (relative to my size) strawberry is all in a day's work!