Wednesday, October 24, 2007

London - Dressing up (20 Oct 07)

Dressing up is fun! Here I'm wearing my new Gap clothes that Papa's colleagues gave to me.

London - Hungry baby (20 Oct 07)

Waaahhh... I don't like being alone in my pushchair, especially when I'm hungry!!!

I met Auntie Hala and Auntie Soo today. I didn't behave very well - I cried so much that Auntie Hala had to take me for a walk while Mama had her lunch!

It wasn't my fault though - it was a bad idea to go to Central London on a Saturday in the first place!

London - Scared (20 Oct 2007)

We went to London again, but this time we brought my pushchair. I'm scared of the London tube - it's so dark and smelly and the trains make such a big noise!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

London - Playtime! (6 Oct 07)

I love weekends coz Papa and Mama are around to play with me!

London - Sitting up! (6 Oct 07)

I can sit up just like Papa! (I prefer to be carried though...)

London - I can feed myself! (6 Oct 06)

It's so easy to take care of me...

Cambridge - King's College (30 Sep 07)

We went back to Cambridge today to buy second-hand clothes for me. We stopped by the city centre and took this photo at King's College. It's so beautiful there... I hope we'll visit again soon!

Cambridge - My new hat! (30 Sep 07)

Guess what size this hat is... I'm almost 3 months old by the way.

3-6 months? Nope, we tried that one, but it didn't fit!

12-24 months? You're absolutely right... I hope my head's not too big!