Monday, July 9, 2007

Cambridge - Mama's graduation (30 Jun 07)

Mama and her college buddies are clowning around in this photo. Aunt Hala lent Mama a big white shirt to wear for the graduation (Papa's white shirt was too small to fit both Mama and me!). Mama almost got into trouble for forgetting to wear stockings - luckily Aunt Jacquie had an extra pair!

After the ceremony, we had dinner with Mama and Auntie Hala's good friends Uncle Jim and Aunt Natasha, and Auntie Hala's good friends Aunt Julie and Uncle Angus. Aunt Hala is so entertaining - I like listening to her stories!

Mama finally decided on a name when Aunt Julie suggested 'Gabriel' - Mama wanted a name that would sort of match cousin Raphael's, who's around the same age as me. Mama also thinks 'Gabriel' matches 'En Lai' quite well. 'En' means thanks or gratitude or something along those lines, while 'Lai' means come, coming, etc. 'En Lai' can also be interpreted as 'the coming of grace' or 'grace comes', and Mama thinks it's appropriate coz it was the angel Gabriel who told Mary she would give birth to baby Jesus. Lola Bembem finds it cute to have two little 'angel' grandsons of the same age.