Monday, July 9, 2007

Surigao - Christmas Eve (24 Dec 06)

Mama's 'morning sickness' is getting worse, and she still can't stand the smell and taste of soy sauce (and also beansprouts, garlic, bell peppers and coriander). Lola Bembem has had to modify her recipes, but they're still yummy. I'm always hungry though, coz Mama's been too queasy to eat much.

Papa's not in this photo coz he's the one taking it. You can see that Mama's got a bit of a bump. Lola Bembem thinks that Mama's already 3 months along - no one knows for sure until Mama has her first ultrasound.

Mama's Lolo Bedoy and Lola Dading were very happy when they heard about me. I will be their third greatgrandchild!