Monday, July 9, 2007

Singapore - meeting Mama's Uni friends (9 Dec 06)

Mama and Papa met up with Mama's close friends from NUS for dinner today. Aunt Zoe did the organising (she's so good at it!). I was the secret guest of honour. Aunt Zoe gave Mama a pregnancy book, and Aunt Valerie gave me a cute little bodysuit with "I love mummy" written in front. Mama sat beside Aunt Kristine, who was 9 months pregnant with baby Seth at that time.

The next time I visit Singapore, I'll have friends to play with. Seth will be less than a year older than me, and Papa's good friends Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Adeline's son Jayden will be 2 years older than me.

PS: Singapore is so hot and humid, even in December - I wonder how Mama and Papa managed to live here for 5+ years! I think I prefer the English weather. The food in Singapore so SO much better though.