Monday, July 9, 2007

Iligan - swimming in Tinago Falls (29 Dec 06)

The water was really clean, and the current was quite strong! Mama and Papa had to wear life jackets. Lola Bembem and Lolo Nel kept a close watch while Papa swam as close as he could to the falls. They looked really worried when Papa swam back and talked Mama into swimming with him back to the edge of the falls. Mama wasn't worried though, coz she herself swam to the same spot when she was a teen. (I think Lolo and Lola were worried about me.)

We went snorkelling in the sea the next day - Papa, Mama (+ me) and Lola. It was nice - small, colourful fish ate bread out of Mama's hand. But we had to turn back halfway because Mama got seasick. I hope I won't be seasick like Mama!